Vintage Barbie open-toe shoes

by Kathie

Barbie's plastic open-toe shoes were made from 1959-1972. Each pair has a right (unmarked) and a left (marked Japan) shoe. The colors produced were:

  • clear
  • clear with gold or silver glitter
  • ginger ale
  • white
  • white with silver glitter
  • white with white poms
  • white with melon poms
  • light pink
  • light pink with silver glitter
  • light pink with pink poms
  • light pink with blue poms
  • hot pink
  • rose
  • rose with silver glitter
  • light blue with light blue poms
  • aqua
  • medium blue
  • royal blue
  • navy blue
  • midnight blue
  • black
  • black with yellow poms
  • black with black poms
  • brown
  • chartreuse
  • yellow
  • orange 
  • red
  • emerald green
  • emerald green with pearls
The #1 ponytail shoes available in 1959 had a hole in the sole to accommodate the #1 Barbie two-pronged stand. #1 shoes were available in black, brown, navy blue, pink, white, pink with pink poms, and light blue with blue poms. #1 shoes command higher prices.

Open-toe shoes left on Barbie's feet for an extended period of time can split and/or stain her feet so display her shoes beside her rather than on her.