Vintage Barbie fashion #987, Orange Blossom

by Kathie

Barbie's Orange Blossom fashion was on the market from 1961-1964. It includes:

  • sleeveless yellow cotton sheath with zipper (this is the piece containing the Barbie tag)
  • white lace overdress
  • yellow tulle hat (same style as the one from Gay Parisienne which was navy blue)
  • bouquet with yellow and white ribbon streamers
  • short white tricot gloves in the '61 and '62 version, long white gloves in the '63 and '64 version
  • white open-toe shoes
This fashion is easy and affordable to collect. It is often seen displayed on a Midge doll (always a bridesmaid and never a bride), but looks great on Barbie, too. Current market value in near mint and complete condition is about $75-$95.