Too much time with my dolls?

by miladyblue

I think I am spending too much time with my dolls.

I’m not having any weird delusions that they are moving when I am not looking directly at them, nor am I worried that they are plotting against me. My recent spate of Frankendolly action probably has them scared, even if they do have any plots in the planning stages against me.

“Don’t even think about it. So and so in the Bluebeard Drawer* needs a body, and her skintone matches yours, smart girl!” sounds like something I might say to a scheming doll if I were as delusional as all that.

Thankfully, I have not degenerated to that point.

But what has me wondering about the amount of time I am spending with my dolls are some of the things I have thought while looking for things on eBay. As many of you who read my ramblings know, I use my dolls as characters in stories I like to write. So I am usually looking for props or clothing that those characters might wear or use. That’s not really a big deal, because that is half the fun of doll collecting.

It is looking at something in an eBay listing, and thinking, “Ooh, so and so would like that!” then realizing, “Am I actually considering buying a present for a doll?

It is a bit of a shock to the system. Please take comfort in the knowledge that I wouldn’t be a dangerous lunatic. Steal someone’s dolls? Yes. Hurt someone? No way!

But I came to that realization one day, that I was actually considering the thoughts and feelings of a particular doll while looking at a dress that I thought would look good on her. The thought followed, “How would so and so, her sister feel?” kind of jolted me. Especially since her sister would not be chipping in on this item, and trying to keep the purchase of such a thing secret is next to impossible, since my dolls are all on my desk, right next to my computer, and can see me on eBay looking at dolls and doll items. I think I should seriously be concerned if I take my dolls off my desk, or turn them away so they can’t see the screen and me buying them presents.

Bluebeard Drawer - For those of you not in the know, I keep a drawer in one of my “craft dressers” of doll heads I have gotten from one source or another. The idea is, to get the head of a doll I like, and eventually buy bodies from Tonner so that they can become “real dolls.” Some folks think this is pretty gruesome, and yes, it is kind of creepy, hence the name, Bluebeard Drawer.