Sonja - redressed.

by Alison Rasmussen

Sonja, originally uploaded by alington.
On the topic of Haute Doll and Val Zeitler, this is Sonja, a Peak's Woods white skin Wake-Up Goldie with a Val Zeitler face-up. I think she is just lovely, if a little on the spooky side, with her dark eye shadow.

I've redressed her--just to see how and if she could pull off Rococo--it's a requirement in my household. And sure enough, she can.

In fact, with a brunette wig, she looks almost soft. And so elegant and regal. Maybe a little haughty, but much softer. And her nose is just too adorable to be really haughty.

Wig by DollHeart, gown by Soda. A couple more photos on Flickr, but these were a hand-held doll cabinet shoot, so don't expect too much.