Happy Easter from Yeru!

by Alison Rasmussen

Normal skin Yeru by Peak's Woods.
Normal skin Yeru wishes you a happy Easter--or at least a nice weekend.

She's wearing her festive default wig (well, it might have been Briana's default wig) and some new 20mm blue glass eyes by Volks, and a brand new-to-her dress from GingerLime Designs, which you can find under Sylphide on Den of Angels. The cocktail dress is really cute--it's a fun blue/amethyst velvet print, which laces up in the back, with a black lace overlay.

See more photos on Flickr.

Yeru is one of those sculpts that is just super sweet, innocent and cute. She looks like a big sister to both Lady Bee and Hucky to me. I've seen many face-ups on Yeru, but it's hard to get the adorable sweetness out of her.

Not a bad thing, in my opinion.