Collecting Dolls

by Alison Rasmussen

I have been collecting dolls for some time now, about 2 years on and off.  I first started collecting Dollfie Dreams then moved onto BJDs, and my current obsession is Fashion Model Barbies.  I do mean obsession!  I bought 12 in one month.  I always have one that I instantly bond with, and he or she becomes a favorite.   My favorite Barbie is Highland Fling or Tout de Suite.   Ok, they are all my favorite.  I have always been into dolls though.  As an only child for 8 years, and both my parents working, I kept myself entertained with my plethora of Barbies.  My mom never understood why I would count my 153 Barbies, 2 Teresas, 2 Skippers and one Ken doll. I had to make sure no one went missing.

Many people collect them to store them away, hoping that they will appreciate in value one day.  Some people display them in cabinets inside their boxes.  I, on the other hand collect them to have fun with them and tell photostories.  I am not worried about getting them dirty or messing up their hair/makeup.  I feel if I am going to spend this much money on my hobby, I am going to enjoy every minute of it. I tell my mom I am reliving my childhood.

So readers.  Why do you collect and what do you do with your collection? 

My new addition Highland Fling wearing her Black Enchantment Oufit