#3 Ponytail - The perfect Trade.

by Alison Rasmussen

#3 ponytail, originally uploaded by alington.
Last weekend, my friend and fellow doll collector and I completed the perfect trade. She received her very first restored Peak's Woods Fairy of Color (a 58cm resin BJD) in exchange for this amazing #3 Ponytail.

At first, I was a little sad to see my very first Peak's Woods ever actually leave my house. But then... I realize suddenly why these special girls are so special. And why it's so hard to put into words.

At the risk of sounding silly, my doll has probably seen a lot of things. And her only touch-up has been her eyebrows. She still has peachy skin, and she still smells like crayons. So either she was treasured, or she was given to a girl who didn't care to take her out of the box much.

Her expression is so unique--each of these older dolls look unique. They are heavier than regular Barbies. And yes, I know I'm not supposed to touch them. (But I have to. Just so I can smell her box-of-brand-new-crayon smell.)

Anyway. I'm very pleased with our trade. Kathie threw in Orange Blossom (I think that's the name of the fashion), which looks just lovely on her.

*sigh* See more photos of her on Flickr!