Hong Kong Bild Lilli repro, Lola

by Alison Rasmussen

Hong Kong Bild Lilli repro, Lola, originally uploaded by alington.
This is a replica of a German Bild Lilli doll which I was able to find from Goddess of Asia, who had a booth at the Barbara Peterson show in Buena Park last Sunday.

She is so much fun--and a replica is so much more affordable than the real thing, though a real Lilli would blow my mind.

She's got the softest red mohair, and a replica dress as well. Her shoes are sculpted on her feet, and she is super light plastic. Interestingly, her arms not only move forward and backward, but also out to the sides.

Because she is so light, she can nearly stand on her own. And she is so sassy and pin-up.

Lola, close-up. Notice the hand-painted face, and the rather low-cut dress.
Close-up of her molded shoes. I think they are so cute.