Um from Umbridge

by Alison Rasmussen

Um from Umbridge, originally uploaded by alington.
Um from Umbridge, by Tonner Doll Company, made her arrival on Saturday. She's an enlarged Alice Kingsleigh sculpt on an American Model body (not the new one with articulated wrists, unfortunately).

Her outfit is amazing. I think it's very much like the one from the movie--lots of layers of black and white striped chiffon, red tulle and satin, tassels, a petticoat, you name it. Her shoes are adorable wedges (she has high heel feel), made of black and red polkadot satin.

Her face is lovely, also. She has the pensive, puzzled look of Alice in the movie.

My three pet peeves:
  1. The American Model body's hands. They are sort of lifeless looking. I think for such a large scale, Tonner could make these dolls have lots of details (like separated fingers and gorgeous hands and feet), and he didn't.
  2. No rooted eyelashes. Does it add that much cost? This doll retails for $299.99, and I think eyelashes (which seem to be included on previous American Models) would add a lot.
  3. Her hair. It looks nothing like the promo photo, and there are bald spots in the back. I'm sure I can fix this with a rinse and restyle, but to me, if I pay anywhere close to $300 for a fashion doll, I expect perfection. The original Alice Kingsleigh came with perfect hair--why not duplicate that hair style, only in a larger scale?
Even those three pet peeves aside, and her larger than life price tag, this girl is simply lovely. Her face more than makes up for her hair. I'll post more photos after I fix her up.

For now, you can see more photos, including close-ups, on my Flickr photostream.
Um from Umbridge, by Tonner Doll Company.