Peak's Woods Segi

by Alison Rasmussen

Peak's Woods Segi, originally uploaded by alington.
Another BJD photo: Peak's Woods Fairy of Color, Segi, in normal skin. She's wearing acrylic eyes from Junkyspot in violet, and a wig by Michele Hardy in chocolate.

Segi's outfit is actually part of Skiya's original full-set outfit. Skiya was a Christmas event doll, which included the entire outfit and shoes.

You don't generally see a lot of the this sculpt, Segi, in owner photos. I'm not sure why. She's got a rounder face than other Peak's Woods girls, and her eye sockets are smaller and seem deeper than some of the other girls. Mine has the default make-up, and I think she is just wonderful.

She is very versatile, and she is simply lovely. See more photos of her on my photostream.