Miss Revlon in Liv outfit

by Alison Rasmussen

Miss Revlon in Liv outfit, originally uploaded by alington.
Next, we're trying Miss Revlon in a Liv doll outfit. It's a bit snug, to say the least. She's wearing what is meant to be a dress, and it barely covers as a tunic and won't velcro in the back.

But with the cute shrug over the top, you can't see the lack of closure in the back. She's also wearing ill-fitting 1980s superstar Barbie hose (which are still too big on her, as they were on Barbie), for some extra sparkle.

I have her in her original bracelet and necklace, but the bag is by Liv. Liv shoes are too small for her feet, so she's wearing her own.

I think she's cute, but she needs a bigger size. You can still see more photos of this outfit on Flickr.