Collecting Vintage Barbie On A Budget: Part 4

by Kathie

Here's a list of affordable Francie fashions for you to search for:
  • The Entertainer
  • Plaid Plans
  • Tuckered Out
  • Hi-Teen
  • Snappy Snoozers
  • Pony Coat
  • Sunny Slacks
  • Pink Power
  • Snooze News
  • Vested Interest
  • Note the Coat
  • Side-Kick
  • Slumber Number
  • Tennis Time
  • Somethin' Else
Many Francie fashions will fit Poppy Parker and Momoko dolls. Some soft-sided shoes will as well but watch for staining. Other Francie-related lower-priced items to search for include her original single doll case, coloring books, and paper dolls. Groovy!