Collecting Vintage Barbie On A Budget: Part 2

by Kathie

In the second part of this series I will list Mod Barbie fashions which have a current market value of about $50 (or less):
  • Knit Hit
  • Snap-Dash
  • Night Clouds
  • Dreamy Pink
  • Pedal Pushers
  • Dream Wrap
  • Dream-Ins
  • Silver Sparkle
  • Flower Wower
  • Loop Scoop
  • Great Coat
  • Lovely Sleep-Ins
  • Tennis Team
  • Harem-m-m's
  • Fiery Felt
  • Baby Doll Pinks
  • The Dream Team
  • Plush 'N Warm
  • Long 'N Fringy
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Sport Star
  • Glowin' Gold
As you can see, your Mod Barbie doll has plenty of affordable choices when shopping for her next fashion!