Are you a doll collector or a doll addict?

by Alison Rasmussen

How many Steffies does one collector need? A few. But an addict needs them ALL!
The first post you read on a blog really can set the blog's tone. It can either give you more readers or turn them away; so I confess I compulsively rearranged my Steffie collection before beginning this post. This entry serves as a public service announcement for fellow doll addicts, and for those of you we annoy (such as my dear husband, who I trust will not be reading this).

The differences between a doll collector and a doll addict are subtle yet essential. I will address a few tell-tale signs, so you can determine your level of addiction. I've italicized the differences in each paragraph, in case you are in the "annoyed" category above and are desperate.

When placing an order, a collector will do the basic research for a doll that fits into her budget and collection. An addict will spend hours online searching for the absolute lowest price (to maximize her budget) and may revamp the checkbook to read “household expenses” to occasionally hide a purchase.

A collector may become impatient while waiting for a pre-order. An addict will stalk the UPS man and the postal carrier. Also, when a doll is delivered, even if an addict is ill (for example, suffering from a migraine headache with vomiting), she will miraculously recover, to the amazement of her family.

During a move, a collector packs his dolls carefully and may carry them himself, so as to assure their safe delivery. An addict will not only move them herself, but she will unpack the dolls and set them up before unpacking the kitchen, the bathroom, her children’s bedrooms, and her own clothing.

Dear Reader, are you a collector or an addict? Either one, I welcome your comments--unless you’re married to me. (If you're married to me, I already know what you're going to say. And I just love you.) I look forward to sharing my addiction with you.