Tonner updates from IDEX

by Alison Rasmussen

These notes are translations from a Tonner dealer, Carolyn at Sweetheart Dolls, so they may be subject to interpretation and change.

Some important announcements from Tonner were made at IDEX's retailer breakfast on Friday morning:

  • Tyler is getting a new look for her 11th anniversary. New Mood Tyler will have inset eyes, wigs and interchangeable body parts: three hand sets, feet, torsos and more muscular upper arms.
  • The original full-sized Harry Potter line will be continued, and the line will expanded.
  • Robert Tonner has purchased 10 additional Theatre de la Mode costumes and will be releasing them three or four at a time. (I am so excited about this news!)
  • The dressed dolls will be on Antoinette bodies, but the costumes are designed to fit the Tyler body as well.