Peak's Woods LE full set Romatic Lady Bee

by Alison Rasmussen

FOB Lady Bee full-set. Outfit, wig, face-up included.
Photo property of Peak's Woods.

Peak's Woods Christmas event is lasting through December 24, and is slowly coming to an end. The next doll on the list is a full-set Fairy of Bugs size (MSD or close to 17" tall) called Romantic Lady Bee. She's very tempting, as she is the elf-eared version of this adorable sculpt.

Included in her $489.90 price is the normal-skin doll with normal bust body (it's a girlish body), crystal acrylic eyes in purple (16mm), the limited face-up and wig shown, extra posing hands, shoes and outfit shown as well.

There was only one available, and she's already sold out! If you'd like to see a better version of her ears, you can check out her basic sculpt here.