Peak's Woods final (?) Christmas event - A Tan Briana!

by Alison Rasmussen

Limited edition tan Briana full-set, Christmas event BJD.
Photo property of Peak's Woods.
The grande finale of Peak's Woods' Christmas event, a single tan Briana dressed in an amazing DollHeart fashion closes out the limited edition dolls.

This Briana full-set in tan comes complete with tanned skin, a large bust, light pink acrylic eyes (16mm), a limited face-up, extra hands, the white wig shown in the photos, and the DollHeart outfit. If I'm not mistaken, the outfit is actually called High Priestess from the Tarot Cards collection, which I believe is sold out everywhere.

Her price tag: $811.80. Yikes. I'm curious as to whether the outfit includes shoes.

I personally own a tan Briana, from The Glamour event, and think she is simply irresistible, and I was sorely tempted to add another to my collection. Thankfully, she is already sold out. I'll save my dolly dollars for the next tan PW release.