Top 10 reasons to stay within my doll budget

by Alison Rasmussen

This is a hard one for me. But there must be ten reasons, right? Or I wouldn't be trying so hard. And I am trying. Really.
  1. I'll appreciate the dolls I do buy when I save for them.
  2. Instant gratification is for the weak.
  3. I'll be modeling good financial behavior to my kids. (This is my top motivator.)
  4. I will stay out of arguments with my significant other.
  5. I won't have to hide boxes or bills.
  6. It relieves stress and tension. ("Although, so does shopping," says the devil on my shoulder.)
  7. It prevents the impulse doll purchase. Those dolls just haunt me.
  8. It increases creativity--I can sew for my dolls, style them, photograph them, instead of just buying.
  9. Uncontrollable debt is partly what caused the US banking system to fail, and not where I want to be.
  10. Anticipation is half the fun of doll collecting.