Top 10 pet peeves in doll collecting

by Alison Rasmussen

  1. Waiting for new releases to ship.
  2. Waiting for the UPS truck or the mail carrier.
  3. Waiting for ball-jointed dolls to be manufactured. (The Queen Bee does not like to wait.)
  4. Smokey smells on "NRFB" and "mint" dolls.
  5. Super limited editions on dolls I'd love to own.
  6. Limited dolly funds, especially when above limited editions are released.
  7. Promo photos that misrepresent the doll.
  8. Catty message forums (fora? What is the plural of "forum"?).
  9. Too much red (or pink) lipstick!
  10. Great doll lines that get discontinued--I'd love to see the rest of Theatre de la Mode by Tonner, or more of the Victorian Tea collection in Barbie.