Tonner Halloween convention extras go on sale today at 1PM EST!

by Alison Rasmussen

Or at least I assume it's 1 PM EST, since the email didn't say otherwise. Quantities are limited, so get there while you can. Individual links aren't provided, but they will be listed at this link at TonnerDirect. Somehow I missed that there's a resin BJD Agnes! Yikes! Click below for photos, prices and a few details.
And I just found out more information on the sculpts, from TONNERDirect's Facebook page.
The Devil $185, Green Lantern head sculpt, LE100
This was the centerpiece for the In The Cards Banquet

Bone to Pick base $110, available separately, LE50
Death $185, Wicked Witch head sculpt,  LE100
Another centerpiece from the In The Cards banquet
Haunting $80,  Breathless sculpt on Antoinette body, LE300
Haunting event souvenir doll
Transient Wraith $160, Antoinette sculpt, LE150
Haunting event centerpiece
RIP Tombstone base $110, available separately, LE50
Big Bad $170, Batman head sculpt, LE100
Zombies & Werewolves centerpiece (ears and tail are removable)
Who's for Dinner? $170, Glinda head sculpt, LE125
Zombies & Werewolves centerpiece (ears and tail are removable)
29" Wednesday's Child $250, LE50
Betsey Companion Doll
8" Wednesday's Child $70
Zombies & Werwolves event souvenir
2010 Halloween Convention Bag $30
Queen of Swords $185, original Tyler sculpt, LE250
Event Souvenir Doll, In The Cards banquet
King of Swords $185, Superman sculpt, LE200 
Companion doll, In The Cards banquet 
Stone Cold $325, Resin BJD Agnes, LE50
Wigged, inset acrylic eyes (not changeable)
For more photos, check out TONNERDirects In The Cards photo album, Zombies & Werewolves album, and the Trick or Treat album.