Lilith models a JennyGrey fashion

by Alison Rasmussen

I purchased this fashion from one of the contributors here, Jen, at our doll club meeting yesterday.  She was just barely putting it up on display before I made a beeline for it and told her I had to have it, LOL.  This outfit totally called out to me because of the mix of feminine with that hard edge, and a little bit of vintage thrown in with the floral pattern on the dress. I knew that Lilith would rock it once I took out the red in her hair.  If you're interested in seeing how easy it is to take the funky colors out of the twins hair, it's REALLY easy.  I have instructions on my flickr page here:

So now here is the fabulously edgy Lilith, modeling her JennyGrey fashion (… Hmm... I think we need to name your fashions Jen!  Just like at Modcloth, LOL.