I'm thankful for... #13

by miladyblue

The wild and wacky weather we are blessed with here in Washington State. I have had 2 outdoor sessions with my dolls today - short ones, it's bloody cold! - and have had two very different takes on the weather conditions.

First up is Tonner's Chase Model Kit, falling down like most of the people in this state. I am sure the folks in the Midwest are laughing uproariously at the reports of our "horrific blizzard" which dropped 2.5 whole inches of snow on us overnight.

Eek. 2.5 inches of snow. It's the apocalypse.

Our plucky, escaped slave girl, wondering if Conan is coming by soon, she's getting kind of chilly.

 The second picture is of Tonner's Blush and Bashful Sydney Chase, posing as the scantily clad love interest of the equally scantily clad hunky barbarian (whom I do not have yet!) inspired by pulp fiction novels I read while I was growing up.

Needless to say, both dolls are ticked at me, considering the temperature, but both are pleased with how pretty they look.