Holiday gift ideas for doll collectors - Billy shelving from IKEA

by Alison Rasmussen

Photo property of IKEA.
Affordable doll cabinets are hard to find. My fellow doll collector and friend, Kathie, introduced me to the Billy line of shelving from IKEA. These fantastically versatile shelves will fit in any decor and are versatile, easy to install and customizable for most doll sizes.

You choose the color (birch, black/brown or medium brown, and in some stores, the less expensive white and black are on clearance right now) and the shelf size. Height extensions are also available. You choose from a variety of doors, which is great to keep the dust off your collection.

The unit shown retails for $239.99, and measures 31.5" wide, 11" deep, and 93.25" tall. It's composed of a bookcase, a height extension unit, and glass doors.

Some things to consider first: these shelves are designed to be mounted to the wall for stability, and the center shelf in the tall units is not adjustable.

Lots of options, including a corner units, slimmer units for DVD storage, different door styles, glass shelves, and storage boxes are also available. Check out the entire line here. I can't imagine a better gift for a doll collector with open shelving!