Convention Review: Hourglass Kesenia

by Alison Rasmussen

So at this year's convention we were treated like royalty and received a free doll at every single event!  It was fantastic and my room was quickly overflowing with dolls, LOL.  One of the freebies was a new character named Kesenia (pronounced "Sen-ee-ah", the Ke is silent).  She is on a regular full busted FR body and uses the Contessa (Brides of Dracula) facemold.  Alot of people commented on how she looks like Vanessa and many did not like her open mouth, but she has definitely grown on me. 

She came dressed in dark green lingerie with black lace. To complete her look, she comes with gold "rose" earrings and an amazing pair of shoes that have a flower petal heel (think Prada!).  I'm not a lingerie lover (on my dolls) so she was quickly redressed.  She's got a wonderful pin-up look to her with that high ponytail, and I adore the dark auburn colored hair with the green eye makeup.