1976 SuperSize Barbie

 My newest girl: a 1976 SuperSize Barbie. (One of the few dolls I own that is older than me!)

I acquired her in a trade at my local doll meet last weekend. She came with her original white outfit (plus box, accessories & stand), as well as this blue dress and a handmade velvet dress. She is the same proportions as Barbie, but 18 inches tall. I was drawn to her beautiful face and plan to make her design her a beautiful wardrobe to match it.

I couldn't help snapping a few photos...

Some box photos:

 The gorgeous pleated, metallic dress. Does anyone out there have a prom dress like this in their closet?
 Her sweet smile that first captured me.
 Beautiful blond hair - string still attached.
 Her original shoes. (Please excuse the lint in my carpet.)
 Her original bodysuit.

 Option #1: paired with a straight, full-length skirt.
 Option #2: with pants.
 The handmade velvet dress that was included. I may rework this one, since the bodice is a little worn and it's not really my style. The fabric is gorgeous, though.
 Closeup of the beaded neckline.
 Original accessories: