Yeru the Soul, re-bodied

by Alison Rasmussen

Yeru the Soul head (SD) on Fairy of Bug (MSD) Lady Bee's body, both by Peak's Woods.
I happened to read on the Peak's Woods post at Den of Angels this morning of a BJD collector who would like to order a Briana head sculpt, which is an SD-size doll, and would like to put her on a smaller, MSD-sized body. At first, I have to say I thought that would look strange, as Peak's Woods girls have such huge heads to begin with.

However, as I'm recently a recipient of my first Pullip and today, my first Blythe doll, I thought I'd give it a try and post a photo or two. I have to admit--it's a fabulous idea! It gives the doll a completely different look, similar to Leekeworld Florence, a BJD I have been resisting for quite some time. Plus, it also gave me an excuse to take photos of Yeru the Soul, who is a wake-up version of Yeru, yet has a completely different feel.

At any rate, I'm in love. Now, I think I need a different body for her, and I'm noticing Peak's Woods only sells the boy body online. But I might email them and ask if they might consider making a girl body for me. I'd prefer a large bust version, I think.

For the fun of it, I'll post a larger photo of Yeru here, too, so you can see her lovely face-up. Isn't she adorable?