Tron: Legacy - Sam Flynn

by Alison Rasmussen

Sam Flynn, originally uploaded by alington.
My son Jake's toy, we found this guy at Target. It's from the new Tron Legacy film coming out this winter. It's a rather creepy action figure, if you ask me, but kind of cool:

He has a button on the side to turn him on, and his outfit lights up blue. Then, his face shield projects an image--two images, open mouth and closed mouth, actually--and he talks. He says different things. "I'm not a program." And so forth.

Oh. Did I mention he cost $15?

See more photos, including a full-length shot, on Flickr.

My kids have seen the original Tron, and they loved it, despite the lame-compared-to-today's-amazing-animation. They can't wait to see this one. (I can't either. I'm such a geek.)