My Tell Tale Heart, Ellowyne Wilde, and promo code!

by Alison Rasmussen

Photo property of Wilde Imagination.
Wilde Imagination is offering a new dressed Ellowyne Wilde doll, My Tell Tale Heart, for sale. She was debuted at UFDC Denver, and she's available now as a limited edition of 1000. She has rooted (I think) raven hair and blue inset acrylic eyes and applied lashes, and a new pale skin tone.

Her wonderfully gothic outfit is all black--a flowing chiffon and lace dress, velvet corset laced with ribbon, lace bodysuit and fishnet stockings, short lace-up peeptoe boots, and designer jewelry. This very well might be my first Ellowyne...

Additionally, you can save $13 off any dressed doll, including Ellowyne, Pop Goes Oz, or Evangeline Ghastly, when you use the promo code POE at checkout. The offer expires at midnight on October 13, so don't delay!