The Mod Standard Barbie Doll, 1970-1971, Stock #1190

by Kathie

The “Standard” Barbie doll has two versions: the first issued from 1967-1969 and the second issued from 1970-1971. Today we will cover the second issue Standard Barbie doll.

This doll has always been one of my favorites because she is very easy to dress. The legs are made of hard vinyl making it simple to slip on hose, pants, or her bathing suit. Unlike the bend-leg mod dolls, clothing will not “stick” to the vinyl. Standard Barbie dolls also have a jointless torso (no Twist-N-Turn waist). 

The head mold used was the TNT head mold and although her box states that she has rooted lashes, she does not. The blue eyes are side-glancing (1970) or centered (1971) with the centered eye versions being harder-to-find. 

Hair colors included various shades of brunette and blonde. Titian dolls have also been found; however these are believed to be brunettes which have oxidized to red. The redhead dolls are usually found in boxes marked Light Brown. The hair length is always uneven and the sides of the hair are pulled up and tied with a band and pink bow. 

She has pink lips and blush and light brown brows. Her nails were painted coral and her skin-tone is flesh-colored (usually referred to as pink skin tone). Her swimsuit is hot pink and lime green nylon with a pink plastic flower at the left hip. 

Her body markings are as follows: Midge T.M./c. 1962 Barbie/ c. 1958 by Mattel, Inc./Patented. Her accessories included her box with a full-length photo of her in swimsuit, a clear X stand, a fashion booklet (there are several different versions), a wrist tag on the right wrist (not pictured), and a one-piece cardboard liner.