The Alice Project, Day 16

by Alison Rasmussen

Dollzone Melin, a full-set BJD.

We're on to day 16 of the Alice Project, and I'm starting to run low on the BJDs, if you can believe it! (I'm sure you can!) I'll be adding vinyl dolls soon.

This is Dollzone Melin, in her original outfit and wig, who is an MSD-sized ball-jointed doll (about 17" tall). She was originally intended to be an Alice-themed doll, I believe, and she's got one of the most delicate outfits.

She's wearing a floral chiffon and crocheted dress which ties halter style with a sequined tie, a turquoise lace and white net petticoat, floral chiffon pantaloons, pink hose, chunky pink and white shoes, a cream collar with velvet trim, and a bow for her soft blonde bob.

Here she is in the group of 16 dolls.