The Alice Project, Day 14

by Alison Rasmussen

Dollzone Morphoa, dressed in a OOAK Mod Alice outfit by Nancie of Nankatts.
Morphoa, by Dollzone, is dressed in a commissioned Mod Alice outfit by Nancie of Nankatts. I've added striped stockings and sleeves from various DollHeart outfits, Elfdoll shoes, and a hat created by Jen of JennyGrey Designs. Her wig is by Luts, and her eyes are Dove grey acrylics by Glib.

Morphoa also just returned from Leah Lilly's (from Froggy Duds) spa and face-up service. I just love her new look.

We've reached the end of week two of the Alice Project. Here are the accumulated beauties so far: