The Alice Project, Day 13

by Alison Rasmussen

Elfdoll Ryung, with her new face-up.

Elfdoll Ryung, showing off her new ladylike outfit.
The lovely Elfdoll Ryung, an SD-sized BJD, is pleased to show off her ladylike Alice outfit. She's wearing a skirt by Pam of Dollovely, which I have tied up in an empire waist, and fastened with the brooch from Alice Underground (DollHeart). From the same outfit, Ryung is also wearing the beret and the cape, which is lined in white satin. Her shoes are by Dollzone. Wig by DollHeart, eyes by Glib acrylic.

I'd still love to send her to Leah Lilly for a face-up. I just wonder what she'd be able to do with her! In the meantime, day thirteen of the Alice Project looks like this: