10 Reasons your doll makes a better model than you

16" Goodreau "Secret"

Here are a few reasons that your dolls - from Barbies to BJDs - are much more pleasant models to deal with than their human counterparts. (If you think of any additional ones, please add them.)
  1. She has a perfect body.
  2. Her weight doesn't fluctuate (unless an arm falls off).
  3. She doesn't require any undergarments for support - those plastic parts aren't going anywhere.
  4. Her outfits require less fabric.
  5. Her wardrobe takes up less closet space than yours.
  6. She can hold a pose for a LONG time.
  7. Labor laws don't require you to offer her a salary or benefits.
  8. If sleeves or pant legs are too narrow, you can pop her hands or feet off to get her clothes on. (Okay, so this probably can be achieved with a human, but it would be a long, painful, expensive & messy process.)
  9. She doesn't require food or water, which means she can't spill them on your clothes and ruin them.
  10. She won't give you any attitude. (Actually, scratch that. I don't know how the manufacturers do it, but the occasional dolls seems to have some "sass" built in.)