Ye-Ye Misaki & Amelie

by Alison Rasmussen

The long awaited Fall mini collection of Misaki’s has been revealed! These are the Ye-Ye girls and they’re super cute in their mod outfits. There are 2 Misaki’s (blond and brunette) and 1 Amelie doll. They are each a limited edition size of 250 and are retailing for about 16,000 yen ($177 USD). They are due to ship in late September to mid October.

Denise T. who runs the Japan yahoo group is taking preorders right now with a 25% deposit and full payment due by October 10th. Her price is 177.00 each, 10.00 off if you buy 2, 25.00 off if you buy 3. Insured Shipping is extra & will be from Minnesota (55068). If you’d like to order from her you can contact her at:

**Photos are property of Integrity Toys/FR Nippon**
(L-R) Misaki, Amelie, Misaki