A Pullip and J-Doll Feast with... Lily?

by Alison Rasmussen

For this post's pictures, I had a little trouble, because one of our cats, Lily, wanted some of the plastic food I was using. She mostly wanted a little cake with some paper on the bottom of it.

On the right is a picture of a J-Doll and three mini Pullips. They are having a feast of Italian foods like manicotti and pizza. It's nice and quiet until somebody comes and "eats" everything. If you look closely, Lily is licking her lips as if she's ready to eat every single piece.
As Lily tries to get a piece of plastic food, she knocks down a Pullip named Moonstone. She also knocks down the cake she's trying to get and then sniffs it, but doesn't even bother it anymore. She goes to bother the other cats.          

 But before she knocks down Moonstone, she goes to sniff the J-Doll and Virgo (Virgo is the Pullip with yellow hair. ). I'm just glad I didn't put any glass on the little table or any flowers!
So sometimes it isn't a good idea to leave very breakable dolls out with a very curious cat! Otherwise, you'd have to say good bye to that doll!
I think I should've kept Lily out of the way.