Looking for a new diorama option?

by Alison Rasmussen

I haven't posted here yet about the wonderful 12" scale furniture and dioramas made by the talented Maryann Roy.  Her doll furniture company is called "Welcome Home Furniture" and I just love her tag line.... "Where do YOUR dolls live?".  I have personally purchased a small vignette from her and a wonderful living room set, a retro fireplace set and some miscellaneous furniture pieces.  All are well constructed, perfect scale and just beautiful - my dolls love them!

Well today she put up her newest "Scene Setter", which are pieces to use as backdrops for your dolls.  This one was just too fabulous, so I wanted to share it here with all of you.  This one is wood paneled with a beautiful padded window seat and an acrylic window.  Plus you get the coffee table too.  For more pictures and to find out how to order, you can check out Maryann's blog here:  http://maryannroy.wordpress.com/

**Photo is property of Maryann Roy**