My Liv Dolls

by Alison Rasmussen

Hi everyone. As for my second post, I will show you a few pictures of my Liv dolls, who I have just recently collected. You may not recognize them because they are wearing each other's wigs.

I know who they are by their skin and eyes, and in which order I got them. I got Alexis, Daniela and Katie from Target, and Sophie from Las Vegas (but she didn't come with any clothes). Although a month after I collected them all, the back to school Liv dolls came out!

You are probably wondering where the outfits came from. Well, it turns out, I made them! It took me about four hours to make the first one, then thirty minutes for the other three. For the shirts, I used only yarn. I tied a knot, then I kept wrapping it around her. Then I crossed it over and wrapped it around her neck to keep it in place. For the skirts: they are wraps, really.

I don't have any photos of the back to school Liv dolls, but you can see them at Target. There is a new Liv doll whose name is Hayden. I was thinking to get two of Hayden and making one like mine in this photo. For the other one, I'm going to just leave her the way she is.