80 Degrees for Cami & Jon

by Alison Rasmussen

My first ever post to The Fashion Doll Review! Here are my own (at last!) pictures of the 2010 Cami & Jon outfit called 80 °, modeled by Basic Cameo Antoinette. Included were the green ruffled dress, several necklaces, several bracelets, and a pair of shoes. I haven't had time to check to see other "real" pics of the outfit, but here is my version. I hope it is helpful for somebody, but I worry it will turn a few green with envy as it is sold out at Tonner...

My own personal opinion: Very cute dress! Love it, the ruffles add dress the right touch. The jewelry is a big tangled mess in my hands, but fun to mess around with. The shoes...I'm no expert and I certainly wouldn't have picked them to go with this dress, but they seem to work!

These pics were taken in my backyard on a beautiful sunny day, my apologies for some slightly blurry images--those were included because the jewelry was positioned to my liking.