Fairy of Lavender

by Alison Rasmussen

The last draped outfit in my Fairies of Color collection is Segi, a normal skin, normal bust Peak's Woods BJD. She has a fashion model look, in spite of the birds' nests in her hair.

Her outfit is 100% no sew. I started with a base of plain white flat lace. I wrapped it around and pinned it like a straight short dress. Next, I added iridescent lavender sequins, wrapped around her neck and pinned.

I also found a light lavender beaded trim that I also wrapped around her body. This is what give her outfit a 1920s flapper feel. I added another formal-looking pearl/tulle twisted ribbon to her outfit as well. Segi just wouldn't be happy without her royal purple boa.

Also, she is the only one of my fairies wearing socks and shoes (by DollHeart). Her purple wig is done up with birds found in Michaels, and I left her aqua-colored eyes in for a mild pop of contrasting color.

Check out more photos of Segi as the lavender fairy on my Flickr photostream.