Neo Blythe "Nicky Lad" announced at Doll-Collectible

by Alison Rasmussen

I'm not a Blythe expert, but I did happen across an adorable new release Neo Blythe called Nicky Lad, available for pre-order now from Doll-Collectible in Japan. (If any of my readers have another source for Blythe, and you post the link in the comments below, I'd be forever grateful!)

Nicky Lad is scheduled to be released July 1, 2010, and she retails for $149 USD (13,440 yen). She has the radiance face type, natural face type, yellow brown eye shadow, coral pink blush and lips, blue eyes (right), sky blue (center, special color), green (left), pink (center), her hair is short and golden brown.

The set includes the doll, polo shirt, pants, rain coat, glasses, socks, boots, underwear and stand.

I don't own any Blythes--but I think she is adorable.

Photo property of Cross World Connections.