Monster High

by Alison Rasmussen

Well, tonight I'm sharing with you the newest Mattel line of playline dolls called "Monster High".  The dolls are all teenage children of famous monsters.  The tagline is that they are "Wild, Fierce and Freaky Fabulous".  It has just recently been reported that there will be a Monster High musical film at some point in the future as well as a line of novels that will be available in the fall. 

Well, I succumbed to the cuteness and monstrousness of these darn dolls.  For those who know me, I have NEVER been into any playline dolls so this is a big change in my doll collecting.  So I'm here to do a little review about these cute dolls. 

Well, let's start then!  First their size:  The dolls are bigger than Bratz, yet smaller than MyScene.  They stand at 10 1/2" tall and their bodies are VERY skinny, so I don't really know what other clothing will fit them.  Someone I know suggested Moxie Girl clothing, but again, I'm not familiar with playline dolls so I can't confirm this and I like them as they are so I won't be redressing them.

Now poseability:  The dolls are articulated at the wrists, elbows and knees.  It seems the only thing they lack is a pivitol waist.  The hands pop out and the forearms pop out at the elbow for really easy redressing.  Honestly I don't know if we really need the arm to pop out at the elbow, but hey, it's something new to mess with. 

Packaging:  Each doll comes with a plastic stand with adjustable waist holder thingie, one accessory, a brush, a "diary" that has a code to unlock things on the official website and their personal pet.  They come in super cute packaging that is shaped like a school binder.  What I love about the packaging is that it's not impenetrable like so much stuff you buy nowadays that can drive a person crazy.  You know what I mean!

So on to the characters!  We've got Deuce Gorgon with his super cool snakehawk and sunglasses to keep from turning his friends to stone (althought it only lasts 24 hours).  He comes with his double tailed pet rat named Perseus and he's the son of Medusa.  (Medusa did not think it was funny that Deuce named his rat Perseus)

His girlfriend is Cleo de Nile, daughter of The Mummy and a bonafide Egyptian Princess.  She is the mean girl at Monster High and captain of the fearleading squad.  She comes with a purse and her pet Cobra named Hisette (who also wears a crown).  Oh, and she's the only monster that's afraid of the dark.

Then there are the three BFF's:  Frankie Stein, daughter of Frankenstein and his bride.  She's only 15 days old and comes with her pet Watzit, which is made from several animals.  Draculaura, daughter of Count Dracula.  She is a vegetarian and comes with her pet bat named Count Fabulous. Clawdeen Wolf, daughter of The Wolfman and who comes with a purse and her kitten Crescent.  Then to round out the bunch, there is Lagoona Blue (not pictured), daughter of The Sea Monster and friend to everyone. She's the surfer girl and comes with her pet Neptuna (which is a fish in a fishbowl purse). 

If you're interested in these dolls, they are available through Toys R Us and Amazon online.  There have been sightings of the dolls in local Targets and WalMarts in different areas.  They are fairly new so hopefully they'll be more readily available over the next month or so.  They run about $20 and the Cleo/Deuce giftset is about $35.  Mattel also released a promo picture of the next collection in the series called "Dawn of the Dance", in which Cleo, Frankie and Clawdeen are dressed and ready for their school dance all decked out in 80's style clothing.  I love this set!

Plus there will be a special greyscale version of Frankie Stein available only at Comic Con at the Mattel booth!  I sooo need to pick this girl up!

You can watch webisodes and check out other fun stuff on the official Monster High website HERE.  I must've watched those little videos way too much because that silly theme song has been playing in my head all day long,  LOL.  For more of my pictures you can check my Flickr page HERE.

**Promo photos are property of Mattel**