Benny, an Iplehouse JID Special Edition

by Alison Rasmussen

Well, Iplehouse has been hinting to its customers that a dark skinned JID girl with African features was coming and today a sneak peek was posted on their site HERE.  No official pricing or selling period has been posted, but when that information becomes available I will update you.

The Iplehouse JID line of dolls are MSD sized (45cm or about 16") but they are not "slim" MSD's.  This line is much curvier through the hips and thighs than other BJD lines.  I currently have 2 from that line and have noticed that most MSD sized clothing will not fit them unless it's stretchy, although I have found that all the Best Friends Club, Inc. doll clothing does fit them really well.

**Photo is property of Iplehouse**