Prince of Persia dolls announced on Tonner's website

by Alison Rasmussen

Two new Prince of Persia dolls are available now for pre-order from Tonner Doll.
Based on the upcoming Walt Disney Pictures movie (May 28 is the film release dat), the featured dolls are:
  • Prince Dastan, LE1000, $209.99. He's a 17.5" athletic male body and a new facial sculpt based on the likeness of actor Jake Gyllenhaal. He includes an elaborate resin dagger as well as a detailed costume.
  • Tamina, LE500, $179.99. She's a 16" Tyler Wentworth body with brown eyes and a convertible feet and a new sculpt based on Gemma Arterton. Her outfit includes a gorgeous harem pant and brocade tunic ensemble, metallic slippers and the Amulet  of Time Child necklace.
No delivery date for the dolls have yet been announced.