Let them eat cake!

by Alison Rasmussen

Opening night at the Tonner convention Friday, May 21, the theme was Let Them Eat Cake--I am so sorry I missed this event.

I need my friend Jen (of JennyGrey) to recreated some of these gowns for my Peak's Woods girls. All of the big Peak's Woods girls, I think. (Did you hear that, Jen?)

Let's start the convention out with a commonly misquoted line attributed to Marie Antoinette, as long as dolls like this show up. Takes The Cake, the platinum-haired purple lingerie dressed doll is a new sculpt (called Duchess) on an Antoinette body, and a limited edition of 350 piece, and she was the event souvenir. The three centerpiece dolls are Madame a la Menthe (the green dressed doll above), a blonde Daphne sculpt; Madame a la Framboise (the pink dressed doll below), a red-haired Kit sculpt; and finally, Madame et le Citron (the yellow dressed doll below), a raven-haired Sydney sculpt. 

Each center piece doll is a limited edition of 100, and they include fun lace tights, cute period shoes, and feathered hair trim, as well as heavy resin gold doll stands, grand enough for the evening. They were raffled off as sets, I believe. Towards the end of the week, any event extras should be available at retail prices on TonnerDirect.com, and you may be able to find some overpriced ones for sale on Ebay now.

I have to confess, I'm a fan of historical fashion. And I love all three centerpiece dolls. Especially Sydney. I don't have much yellow in my collection. And ooooh--another raven Sydney... One can dream, right? (I'm trying to save for IFDC, and I'm not being very successful.) 

Photos property of Tonner Doll Company.