Hyperventilation time!

by Alison Rasmussen

Quick! Get me a paper bag! I'm going to faint!!

Two interesting pieces of news this week:

First, I heard that Peak's Woods Lady Bee (my first MSD-sized PW BJD) is shipping this week. In fact, she's scheduled to be delivered today! I have to attend a "She and Me" luncheon today at my children's school, however, between 10:50 and 1:30, so I bet I'll miss the truck. But I think I can handle waiting one more day. I am so excited!!

Second--and this is even more shocking--my friend Jen was over yesterday, and I was being extremely unproductive (I should have been cleaning house, but I was messing around looking at dolls on my iPad--if you collect dolls, you kind of need an iPad, in my humble opinion--especially if your husband happens to be, well, to put it gently, a nerdy techno geek--and truly, I mean this is the nicest sense of the phrase!).

I checked my email and got a note from my husband. This is still my first husband--you know, the one who gives me such a hard time about my doll collection? He told me this weekend (teasingly) that he couldn't leave me, because who else would do his laundry? (He sounds just like my dad!) :) Well, the email he sent me was an invoice from Denver Doll Emporium, for an order for an in-stock Peak's Woods Segi (who is an SD sized doll), normal skin, normal bust, with a face-up! And a few minutes later, a shipping notice for the same doll with UPS 2-day shipping! She'll be here tomorrow!!!

I think I need a Valium.

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