Meet Wake-Up Cue

by Alison Rasmussen

Wake-Up Cue, originally uploaded by alington.
Let me formally introduce you to Wake-Up Cue. She needs a real name. Though she looks a bit like Marie Antoinette, I already have an SD-sized doll name Mari. So--I was sort of toying with the name Georgiana (after the Duchess of Devonshire). But I haven't decided yet.

She's a large-bust, white-skin Peak's Woods BJD, with a special artist face-up, eyelashes enhanced with glitter. I still need to sand just a few seamlines, and she needs body blush (of course), sueding, and possibly to be strung a bit tighter. (She doesn't stand very well.)

The fabulous gown was included. (I had to take her home with me when I "met" her at the BJD meet yesterday. Ms. Cholong from Boutique Doll had her for sale. No, I do not want to "Boutique Doll" a recurring transaction, darn it!! Stupid Quicken, quit asking me that!)

I just adore her. She came with a different wig, but I think Lynea (by DollHeart) suits her better. Plus DollHeart also has a powder white one that would be totally cool as well.

See the rest of her first photo shoot on Flickr. I took outdoor photos this morning!