Tonner Direct Links of Interest

by Alison Rasmussen

A couple links of interest for you Tonner Doll collectors out there:
  • Warehouse Finds - When Tonner finds unusual, retired or other dolls in the warehouse, you will find them at this link. As of this post, there is an Artist's proof of High Sea's Elizabeth Swann ($279.99), Cynders ($139.99), Deliciously Deco Louise ($99.99), Snowflake ($99.99), and a Ultra Basic™ Trio of Sydney, Esme and Mei Li ($165.00).
  • Going, Going, Gone - You'll find all the last editions here, the final pieces, and an occasional good deal. When your favorite dealer is sold out, check here! Plus some exclusive dolls can be found here, as well. Most of these are retail, but you'll find some sale prices, too.
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