Tonner Doll dealer rumors...

by Alison Rasmussen

No links or photos... but I did hear some interesting talk from one of my dealers. In the special dealers-only room, possibly:

  • New line of smaller Harry Potter dolls, with better character likeness (Hermione especially!), waiting for studio approval
  • Jacob in Twilight series is next on the release list
  • Tron figures and licensing is still in the works
  • Tim Burton dolls are really fabulous--just waiting on studio approval
  • I hear the Lord of the Rings prototype dolls are also fantastic. Just waiting on studio approval
  • Cami&Jon™ - Jon is actually a Jac sculpt in Honey skin tone on Antoinette body--if you hadn't caught that yet. You may be able to catch a sneak peek of her on some Flickr photostreams.