New outfits from Wilde Imagination and save 15%

by Alison Rasmussen

Check out several adorable items from Wilde Imagination! (These outfits will fit some slim mini BJDs, such as the slim MSD Bobobies, Narae (I think) and the slimmer Goodreau girls, I think.)

  • Multiple Tears, a lined black and pink polka dot dress with couture hat, jewelry, stockings, and boots. $79 retail.
Plus, I may have missed these since the last update:

  • Around & Around, striped sweater, printed shirt, tiered floral skirt, black stockings and blue sandals with designer jewelry. $79 retail. Limited edition of 200 only, and there are only 45 left as of this post.
  • Get Happy? Embroidered blouse, full skirt, pink tank top, petticoat, belt and tights, black shoes, hair bow and designer jewelry. $74 retail.
  • Wrapped in Ennui, hooded coat, multi-color bodysuit, matching stockings, button-down red vest, black skirt, belt, socks and boots. $89 retail.
  • Waiting for Mortimer, dressed Evangeline Ghastly vinyl doll $175
  • Grave Concerns, dressed resin Evangeline Ghastly $399
Plus, save 15% off your order of $75 or more. Use the code WILDE01 at check out. Offer expires at midnight EST on January 20, 2010.