Lan in Tyler Wentworth

by Alison Rasmussen

Lan in Tyler Wentworth, originally uploaded by alington.
Here's my blushed Bobobie Lan, a 16" resin BJD, dressed in Tyler Wentworth's 10th Anniversary outfit (by Tonner Doll Company). I recently discovered that these dolls can share clothes with Tyler. As you can see from this photo (and the others in this set), they fit pretty well. They are just a little big in the bust and hips, but it's not really bad. (I'll try another set with Antoinette clothes later.)

Lan is wearing shoes for a Tonner 22" American Model. They are a bit too small, but it's all I've got for her at the moment. I wouldn't recommend you rush out and buy them for all your Bobobies, but if you have them on hand, give them a try.